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Car Wrap

Car Wrap

Car Wraps

High quality and affordable car wrap solutions!

Basic door lettering / graphics is typically custom manufactured high performance vinyl. These graphics are installed ont he doors of a vehicle and are used for basic identification.

Van / Truck graphics are generall more involved graphics and incorporate larger visual areas, multiple colors and creative use of vehicle surfaces. Sometimes these graphics utilize elements of full color, digitally printed graphics.

Vehicle "wraps" are graphics that completely cover the vehicle. These packages bring the most impact and visibility to a vehicle and are most effective when used with a distinctive type of vehicle or trailer.

Car Wrap Benefits:

  • Excellent "Mobile Billboard" advertising
  • Most economical use of mobile "full color"
  • Vehicle graphics enjoy 600 visual impressions per mile
  • An unbelievable rate of $.15 per 1,000 impressions


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